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Company Profile

Established back in 2011 as Metrophysika Calibration Services. It started to operate along M.L Quezon Ave. in Wawa, Taguig. servicing only a handful of clients within Metro Manila.  

In 2016, Metrophysika was incorporated under SEC registration CS201601436 and now known as Metrophysika, Inc. 

In the span of several years, Metrophysika has grown from its small operation in Taguig to a corporation servicing multiple provinces across several industries in the country.    


We commit to the highest standard of costumer service providing a convenient environment in coducting business with our comapany so you can focus on your day-to-day operation with ease. 


We aim to achieve a more efficient support system to vital industries in the coutry through reliable costumer service and professional dedication. 

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